#BookReview: The Moth Presents All These Wonders

The Moth Presents All These Wonders

I’ve decided this book is the perfect coffee table book.

Thanks to this book, I learned something new. I discovered what Moth was.

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The Strategy Behind My Madness

November is a beautiful time of year. It’s when we no longer have weddings to attend (no offense, friends) and we can start enjoying our weekends in the northland.

Despite my eagerness to relax and unwind from another busy Spring-Summer-Fall, I once again have a handful of goals and passion projects to take on.

In order to keep myself committed and motivated, I decided to breakout November into a few categories in hopes that I can at least achieve one of them.

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Choosing to StandStand

Unless I’m reading a book or brainstorming the next big thing, my job as a digital guru/content strategist requires me to stay fairly connected to my laptop.

And then, I come home and blog. I was looking for a solution to keep me from getting sucked into the cozy couch and stay focused on my mind.

When I stumbled upon the local company, StandStand, I knew I had to try it out.

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Etiquette for Borrowing & Lending Books

Etiquette for Borrowing & Lending Books

Remember that time you handed over the one and only copy of your favorite book and it came back looking a little weathered?

I’m sure most bookworms have a horror story of their own and we’d trust that most of these would be general knowledge of all lenders and borrowers, but unfortunately not everyone abides by The Book Borrowing Code of Conduct.

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