Choosing to StandStand

I was looking for something that could be used in a variety of environments such as our tiny living room, the coffee shop and when I’m on the road (guest bedrooms and hotels).

I was thrilled to hear the StandStand existed. It was the perfect solution!

Etiquette for Borrowing & Lending Books

Remember that time you handed over the one and only copy of your favorite book and it came back looking a little weathered? I’m sure most bookworms have a horror story of their own and we’d trust that most of these would be general knowledge of all lenders and borrowers, but unfortunately not everyone abides… Continue reading Etiquette for Borrowing & Lending Books

2016 Book Club Picks

Hello readers! This is my second year hosting a book club with friends + coworkers and I couldn’t be more excited about 2016 picks. We decided to schedule six books and meet bi-monthly this year because let’s be real–we all have chaotic schedules. For the last meeting of 2015, we all brought a list of ideas to the… Continue reading 2016 Book Club Picks