Remember that time you handed over the one and only copy of your favorite book and it came back looking a little weathered?

I’m sure most bookworms have a horror story of their own and we’d trust that most of these would be general knowledge of all lenders and borrowers, but unfortunately not everyone abides by The Book Borrowing Code of Conduct.

Book borrowing is the best invention since ice cream. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I really like to save money. Therefore, borrowing allows me to test drive books before adding it to my personal library.

Here are some rules I compiled for the sake of entertainment, but if you have a story to tell, please share it in the comments below.

For book lenders:

  • It’s always hard the first time but have faith in your fellow book-loving friends to treat your books with the Golden Rule
  • Never, ever give away your signed copies (those could be worth $ some day!)
  • Remove the dust covers before handing off
  • Give your friends a return date

For book borrowers:

  • Cheetos and books don’t go hand in hand
  • Don’t leave it with your cute, fluffy pup. They all have a dark side.
  • On that note, no dog-earing pages—bookmarks were invented for a reason
  • Please don’t stuff it in that really messy bag of yours. That paper needs to breathe!
  • Follow the library rules and return it in a timely fashion
  • Sneak in a $5 gift card to Caribou, just to say “thanks!” (Okay, that’s a suggestion).

Thanks for reading and happy book borrowing and sharing to you all!


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