As most of you know, there is an overwhelming number of monthly box subscriptions for anything you can dream of.

Recently, I ordered one from Monarch Fitness. This was the first fitness box I subscribed to, so it was an exciting day when the package arrived. (It was made just for me!)

How Monarch Fitness knows the types of things I would benefit from?

First off, they have you anquestions questions to provide sizes, preferences, and even allergies.

Here are a few things that came in my box:

What I loved:

  • The leggings. A girl can never have too many!
  • The Birthday Cake EPIC SPREADS was also a fave. (However, I have a minor complaint about this. See below)

What didn’t impressed me:

  • My better half is allergic to peanuts, so he couldn’t enjoy the EPIC SPREADS. (I did note this allergy in the questionnaire since I tend to avoid all things peanuts, too.)
  • I understand it’s an easy thing to throw into any subscription box, but we have water bottles coming out of or ears. This will probably find its way into a Christmas gift.
  • I also don’t lift weights at a gym—nor do I have a membership, so the lifting straps are of no use to me.

Would I recommend it?

If you’re into weightlifting and specialized workout routines, this box is perfect for you.

Would I subscribe again?

More than likely, no. I’d prefer to try other boxes more to relatable my fitness style, like running, biking and hiking.

If you have a fitness subscription box you just can’t live without, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to try it out!

If you want to see if Monarch Fitness is your next box subscription addiction, visit them at:


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